Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ex-Girlfriend of Jack Weppler Gets Back at Him with Photos on Google Images?


If you google "Jack Weppler" the result is a whole slew of pictures, allegedly of Jack Weppler, with defamatory slogans on them.

The story goes like this aspiring actor, Weppler broke up with his girlfriend, who decided to get back at him by uploading his professional head shot to MemeGenerator (see end of post) and somehow the pictures were plastered with defamatory, but funny slogans. Did his ex do that? or was it the internet hordes?

Apparently, as the story goes, his mom has contacted Google to ask to fix th

Jack weppler

e problem saying: “My minor son’s ex-girlfriend took a copyrighted picture of him (we own copyright) and uploaded it more than 60 times to a website. On each image she wrote slanderous, defamatory and pornographic captions. The webmaster of the site states he removed the images 6 weeks ago, but Google Search still shows all the images. My son is so stressed out and embarrassed and we’ve done everything we can to get images off of Google including URL removal tool, a letter to Google Legal with all the URL’s because of copyright infringement, and nothing has worked!” (Sounds like a mom all right, doesn't it?)

When you look up this story on the internet, you get description's of the girl like "disturbed". I'm thinking, she could have done a LOT meaner things.

Regardless, we can't be sure if this guy really did anything extra rude or if his ex really is "disturbed".

Sorry Jack, that sultry look must make it easy for the good ol' internet folk to make fun of you. But hey, any free exposure is good for an actor right? (The answer is yes.)

Feel like having some fun at Jack Weppler's expense? Then check out MemeGenerator "Create Your Own Caption on Jack Weppler's Picture". Yes, the site is STILL running his pic.

(images via google search snapshot & memegenerator)

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